Haven’t you been to “Red Rock” in Osaka yet? I’ll give you some information about “Red Rock” which you must be a repeat customer once you try it there.

“Meat dish” is one of popular foods in Japan especially among the sightseers from East Asia.

Maybe you know that Kobe Beef is famous as a brand beef, in Kansai Area like Osaka, Kyoto, there are many restaurants that specializes in providing “beef”.

Among those, “Red Rock Ame-Mura”, which I tried this time is by far most popular in Osaka (Namba and Shinsai-bashi area) with not only young people in Japan but also visitors from South Korea and Taiwan.

The most popular menu in “Red Rock Ame-Mura” is “Roast Beef-Bowl”.

It is the leading menu as lots of sliced roast beef are piled up like a mountain on rice. The beefsteak for this menu is made from cow-legs parts, so it’s tender.

Although it looks a large volume bowl, I did not get sick of it for some tastes. Maybe I was able to enjoy some different tastes as I went on eating. It’s amazing!

The secret of this delicious roast beef bowl comes from three kinds of sauce.

The main sauce is the one for roast beef which is mainly made of soy-sauce. Its sweet-salty taste really goes with red meat.

The next is a white sauce like sliding-down snow, which are made of yogurt. Its sour taste reduces the oily richness of roast beef.

And the last one is Gochujang spicy sauce mixed with the rice inside the beef. You can enjoy another different mild taste if you would mix with law eggs to the sauce.

Just for your information, one of staffs reporting this restaurant, who really loves meat has found a deliciously good way of eating “Red Rock’s Roast Beef-Bowl”.

  1. First, eat the meat without any sauce, just enjoy the texture and taste of meat itself.
  2. Next, try some meat with soy-bean sauce and enjoy the taste.
  3. Then, break the egg, and mixed with the meat, and enjoy its rich and mild taste well.
  4. And then, try some meat with yogurt sauce, which would reduce the richness and juiciness in your mouth.
  5. Putting meat aside, have some rice with gochujang spicy sauce and try a little meat again.
  6. Finally, just keep eating the way you want. Now that All sauces are being mixed little by little, the taste is keep changing.

I was really surprised the volume of “Roast Beef-Bowl” when I first saw it. Once I started, I noticed that I ate everything, and came to like it.

I suggest that you also try with Wasabi, the sharp odor of wasabi might good because the dish has rich tastes.

“The steak-Bowl” is popular menu, too. At the restaurant, Japanese beef is used for their higher rank menus like ”Japanese black cattle-Bawl” and ”Japanese sirloin steak-Bawl“ while Australian beef is used for the roast-beef and U.S.’ beef is for the steak.

Inside the restaurant, it has casual looking like an American Bar. Although the seats near the door are high-chairs for bar-style type.

You will see large tables with lower chairs when you move into the inside. It’s good at all for customers
on wheel-chairs or with children.

*Prices in the photo are for 2020.

How to order: you need to buy the tickets at the vending machine at the restaurant. Usually on weekends and national holidays, many customers are waiting in line. So you might have to wait but you can check menus while waiting.

As the menus and explanations are written in English, Chinese (simplified Chinese), Korean, Japanese, so you do not worry about placing an order.

The restaurant is in the fashion street “Ame-mura” where Japanese young stylish people are coming there.

From Dotombori, the most popular tourists spot by foreign tourists, it takes about 5 minutes and next to “Nitori” which is famous shop for furniture and interior in Japan.

For your information, it’s near and easy to find from ”Namba” or “Shinsai-bashi”, one of major stations in Osaka. Just going on main street of Mido-suji, and turn to the east at the signboard of “Midosuji-Hachiman Cho“ and go straight further and you will find “Red Rock”.

In the neighborhood of the restaurant, there is the most famous fashionable street in Kansai Area. You will find lots of casual and hottest new colorful fashion there.

Before or after the meal at ”Red Rock”, why don’t you enjoy looking at reasonable fashion items doing some shopping?

Restaurant Name Red Rock Ame-mura
Phone +81-6-6214-8119
Address Spajio Bdg. 12-10-21, Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business hours 11:30 am~3:00 pm
5:00 pm~9:30 pm
Closed None
Payment Cash Only

*The information herein is as of January 2020.