We can meet the popular small Shiba Inu “Mameshiba” in Dotonbori! I went to the animal cafe “Mameshiba Cafe Osaka”.

Japanese dogs are gaining attention overseas. The representative of Japanese dogs is “Shiba Inu.” Small individuals of Shiba Inu are called “Mameshiba” and they are popular.

Mameshiba is a Japanese dog that is rarely seen abroad, so many foreign tourists visit Mameshiba Cafe.

There are ten Moshiba Cafes in Japan (*as of December 2019). This time, I went to the “Mameshiba Cafe Osaka” in the middle of Dotonbori, Osaka.

Take the Exit 14 of Namba Station on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line and walk about 200 meters east from “Dotonbori Shopping Street.” You can see a long and narrow building on your left.

After going up the stairs, there is the reception on the left side of the second floor, so you need to pay there first. Since the admission is limited, you need to wait at the souvenir section or watch the video next to the cash register. I was excited when watching the video!

There are many Shiba Inu goods at the souvenir section. You can buy goods even if you don’t come into the cafe.

There is also a special set ticket with an animal café “Mikeneko Chaya” specialized in calico cats in the same building as Mameshiba Cafe, so please you can visit both!

When you go up to the 4th floor with your ticket, Mameshiba will welcome you!

You will receive instructions at the entrance, disinfect your hands, take off your shoes and enter. Make sure to read the cautions carefully so as not to give stress to Mameshiba.

You can take pictures and videos freely, but turn off the flash because dogs may be surprised by the flashlight.

The interior of the cafe is based on a Japanese home from the beginning of Showa 40s-50s (1965 to 1984). Hit songs and dramas at the time were played. You can see the old Japanese life scenery.

This is the board where the names of Mameshiba are introduced. Appearances and characters of dogs are completely different even though they have the same pattern. Each of them is doing what they want, such as running around and standing still at the edge, so let’s find a dog suitable for you.

Drinks are served at the drink bar. The cup with the logo is also cute. You can cover the drink to prevent spills and contamination by dog hair.

Most of the dogs were friendly and some of them approached me. Let’s gently stroke them from under their face. Their hair is fluffy and very soft.

It is forbidden to hug a dog, but they may climb your lap. In that case, let’s play with them gently.

Mameshiba is very close to each other. Sometimes, you can enjoy watching “Maeshiba Wrestling” held in the cafe. They are also cute when they are playing and chasing a toy.

When you go right after the store opens, you can often see them playing around. After noon, you can see them taking a nap after playing hard. If you see a sleeping dog, leave her alone.

Although they are friendly, they love the staff. Some of them went after the staff. You can see the character of a Japanese dog that devotes to the owner.

When the customer returns, they may see you off. Their appearance from behind is also cute.

There is also an adhesive cleaner at the exit, so you can remove dog hair from clothes.

Even if you do not have any symptoms of dog allergies, they may suddenly develop. To prevent this from happening, please “remove hair on the clothes with an adhesive cleaner” and “wash your hands after playing.”

Everyone in the cafe was paying close attention to the movement of Mameshiba, so there was a sense of unity there. Everybody pays attention to one dog, looks at the favorite dog individually and spends your time in various ways. It is a space where you can enjoy yourself even if you go alone.

This is a healing spot in Dotonbori, a classic spot for sightseeing in Osaka. Why do not you be healed by Mameshiba while taking a break during sightseeing?

Shop Name Mameshiba Cafe Osaka
Address Hina Building 2F (Reception), 1-6-13 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Opening hours Monday – Friday 12:30pm ~ 6:00pm
Saturday,Sunday,Holidays 11:00am ~ 6:00pm
(Last entry: 5:30pm)
Closed None
Payment Cash only

*The information on this page is that as of February 2020.


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