Another way to enjoy “Chicken Ramen,” its inventor was also doing everyday??

“CUPNOODLES MUSEUM” is located in Ikeda City, Osaka. With various experiences it is popular not only among Japanese but also with foreigners. One of the fascinating experiences you can try there is to make chicken ramen at “Chicken Ramen Factory.” I brought back the ramen I made and tried it at home right away.Ta-dah♪Poor illustration.(Lol)

①Prepare a noodle bawl or a deep container of approximately 500 ml.

Take out instant noodles from the package. Take a careful look at it and you will find the hollow called “W egg pocket.” Place the side with the pocket up and put the raw egg into it.

Thanks to the hollow, the egg is stable there without floating. You would understand how sensible the idea is.

② Pour 400ml of boiled water over the egg slowly.

Once pouring hot water, you will smell the aromatic sesame oil.Wait for three minutes. It is nice with green onions, if you like.

③ Please eat the noodles first.

Soup oozes out from them. See, you can eat such delicious noodles only in three minutes. Appreciation for the inventor, Mr. ANDO Momofuku. Its soup is also tasty, but, please don’t finish it up now, as there are some more steps to go.

④ From here, I introduce another way to enjoying chicken ramen maybe (!?) Mr. ANDO was also doing.

First of all, put a bowl of rice (approx. 200g), into the soup.
That’s it!! (Lol)
I myself put some cheese on it.

It is said that the inventor had never missed eating chicken ramen for lunch since the time of invention at the age of 48 till 96 when he passed away. When asked the secret of his good health, he was answering “Along with playing golf twice a week, eating chicken ramen without missing a day.”

Another way of enjoying Chicken Ramen is just simple and easy. Please try it at least once.

Moreover, you can enjoy other unique dishes of chicken ramen in Ikeda City where you find Cupnoodles Museum. The restaurants serving those dishes are around Ikeda and Ishibashi stations. This sticker is the sign! There are eating tour maps available as well, though only in Japanese.

Making and eating Chicken Ramen after you get some knowledge at the museum, you would find it nice, but somehow different from the one you usually eat.

I thought it was more aromatic than usual ones, possibly because it was freshly made! Playing an important role in the space, instant noodles is one of the Japanese food we can be proud of to the world.

*The information herein is as of January 2020.


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