Kyoto Arashiyama: Dream Wagyu! Murasawa Beef! The store where you must eat steak in Arashiyama, “STEAK OTSUKA”

Only 80 heads of this type of cow are available each year – a steak of the mythical, high-grade Japanese beef, Murasawa Beef.

A restaurant where you can eat superb rare steak awaits you in Kyoto’s Arashiyama.

Steak restaurant STEAK OTSUKA is popular with both Japanese and foreign tourists.

Highly popular on TripAdvisor! Eat delicious steak in Kyoto’s Arashiyama at STEAK OTSUKA

This famous store scored first place in 2015 in TripAdvisor’s ranking of restaurants in Japan that are popular with foreigners. It is definitely worth visiting when you go sightseeing in Arashiyama.

Despite being a rare cut of steak from high-grade Japanese beef, you can eat it for less than \10,000.

At STEAK OTSUKA, you can savor various types of Japanese beef, in reasonably priced set meals of rice bowls of Japanese wagyu, to extremely rare wagyu steak.

Various cuts of wagyu steak are available, and you can order steak according to the flavor and texture that you like.

Eat various cuts of Japanese wagyu beef steak at STEAK OTSUKA

For those who like red meat with little fat, we recommend the flap steak, which uses beef rib, or try a top blade steak, of which one cow produces only about two kilograms.

Both cuts are tender. The flap steak has a delicate flavor, while the top blade is rich.

The rare cut of the chuck called the chuck flap steak has a deep and elegant flavor and a moderate amount of fat.

The kind of steak you want to eat in Japan is sirloin steak, which is rich in the good flavor of fat.

The Japanese, who enjoy a steak that melts in their mouths, prefer marbling, which is when attractive fine lines of fat run throughout the meat.

In Japanese ranking of steak, a characteristic of the popular A4 and A5 ranks of domestic beef is extensive marbling.

Only 80 cows are available each year of the mythical, extremely high-grade wagyu Murasawa Beef

The marbling at STEAK OTSUKA is particularly beautiful, and you can eat a sirloin steak of the Japanese beef Murasawa Beef, which is rare and seldom eaten even in Japan.

Murasawa Beef is raised under diligent 24-hour-a-day supervision and wins top place at national fairs. It has an established reputation among national producers of Japanese beef and only 80 heads are available each year of this mythical, extremely high-grade wagyu.

Finely sliced sirloin steak looks white due to its strong marbling, and it is so soft that it melts in the mouth almost without needing to be chewed.

The flavor and aroma of the fat spreads in your mouth as you savor the refined taste that only a Japanese steak can provide.

Since there is a lot of fat in Japanese steaks, some people get heartburn after eating one, but because the fat in the Murasawa Beef Sirloin Steak is refined and delicate, it is known for being able to be enjoyed right to the end.

Kyoto’s traditional wagyu, Hirai Beef

The traditional Japanese beef of Kyoto is Hirai-gyu, which is raised in a stress-free environment with natural water sourced from 150 meters below ground. The meat has fine lines of fat and a refined texture.

For the steak, we recommend you try the first bite without sauce, and enjoy the natural flavor of the meat with simple salt and pepper seasoning.

Even among world famous wagyu, the taste and flavor of Japanese beef produced domestically is exceptional.

Please enjoy the natural flavor of wagyu beef that you can only taste in Japan.

STEAK OTSUKA’s original sauce is also a superb taste.

The rich sauce of slowly stewed onions matches not only steak, but white rice, too. It is known for helping to get rice finished fast.

Business hours and how to make a reservation

The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., but will close when stock runs out.

Seating at the restaurant is basically determined by reservation, and you reserve by the hour.

You can make a reservation through this website booking system.

Reservations for only two groups are accepted each hour. The remaining seats are for customers who come straight to the store each day.

At 9 a.m. each morning, a waiting board is set up outside the store. Write you name on it and return to the store by 11 a.m. You can enter when your name is called.

If you are not present when your name is called, your turn will go to the end of the queue, so please be careful.

It’s a popular store that requires queueing to get in, so we recommend using the advance reservation system.

We hope you will visit this famous restaurant when you go sightseeing in Arashiyama.

Tel +81-75-864-7989
Address 21-3 Saga Tenryuji Wakamiya-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Business hours 11:00 am 〜 2:30 pm  (L.O.2:00 pm)
*Closes when stocks run out
Closed Thursday Sunday
Payment Credit card accepted