Locals’ recommendations best 10! Gift shops in “KUROMON MARKET”- Full of local gourmets

KUROMON MARKET is located in Namba, and popular for sightseeing. It’s famous for its high quality foods provided there.

This time, from Osaka locals’ point, we have selected the shops which carry merchandises that might be good choices as Osaka’s souvenirs.

We recommend that you should buy some high-quality souvenirs that really looks like KUROMON MARKET. Why don’t you take it home and share good memories with your special people?

■Kawakohonten Syobei

Special Nori(dry-sea-weed) shop. Good in either way; you just eat it or eat with some rice.

Although the shop was founded more than 60 years ago, it keeps continuing developments of new products and providing us with new recipes for eating.

Because of its high quality sea weed, the texture is crispy, but tender and melts smoothly in mouth.

There are various kinds of NORI, and you can find your favorites as tasting service is provided.

The popular product is “Genki-Kun” and suitable for souvenirs. The product is packed in plastic case with a cute illustrated figure.

This NORI is flavored but it brings out the flavor of the ingredients.

Shop NameKawakohonten Syobei
Address2-13-13, Nippombashi, Chuo-ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours10:00am – 5:00pm
ClosedSun. National holidays
PaymentCredit cards, accepted

■Wakaba-en Hompo

Many kinds of specially selected tea on the shelves. Customers can taste and compare the differences of producing district.

What surprised us is that the president himself goes to the places of production in order to check the quality of tea leaves and do the quality control. There are various kinds of green tea with different producing district, it’s fun to try several tastes.

The differences of aftertaste and smelling are clear to non-professional eyes.

The canned green tea leaves will last for two years so they are suitable for gifts. At the shop front, take-away tea drinks are selling. So it might be good to visit the shop while eating around.

Shop NameWakaba-en Hompo
Address1-16-15, Nippombashi, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours9:00am – 5:30pm
ClosedSun. National holidays
PaymentCredit cards, accepted

◎Trivia of the Japanese tea

When you visit some tea shops, you might notice that there are many kinds of Japanese tea.

Among Japanese teas, “Gyokuro” is especially famous as the premium one. But do you know why it’s so special?

The reason is its spending time and effort on producing process. Cultivation method of Gyokuro is following: Being cultivated shutting out the sunlight when its sprout begins to appear or for three weeks before the tea picking.

At the beginning, the leaves are supposed to be cultivated at 70% light shielding rate, just before picking up, light shielding rate is being increased up to 90%. Shutting out the sunlight makes the chlorophyll in leaves increase and gets the clear deep green color.

The picking up is basically done by hands. Because of being grown up is taking time and labor, Gyokuro become the one of premium teas.


We can’t miss to check Japanese Sake. This shop proud of wide assortment of liquors.

The shop carries various kinds of liquors, not only Japanese Sake but beer, Shochu, wine, etc. The shop has a lot of regular customers as it has been in KUROMON MARKET for more than 90 years.

Recently, many foreign tourists are coming to buy delicious Japanese Sake.

“Sakura liqueur” is popular for gifts because of not only the taste but cute looks and suitable size.

It’s popular among women that drinking “Sakura liqueur” with Calpis water, ginger ale, rose hips tea and so on. You can enjoy many kinds of liqueur like Japanese Sake, or the others.

Shop NameKawasakiya
Address2-4-19, Nippombashi, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours9:00am – 5:30pm
ClosedSun. National holidays
PaymentCash only


The shop of “Tsukemono”-Japanese pickles, which good with rice and could be accent for dishes.

“Tsukemono” is originally made as reserved foods so it’s suitable for gifts as it keeps freshness for long time. The secret of its deliciousness comes from natural fermentation paste called “NUKADOKO” which use high quality KOMBU.

After vegetables are pickled, that brings out the flavor of the ingredients. In addition to just eating Otsukemono alone, we have many choices of use, for example, adding fried rice as trimmings or something like that.

Every season, seasonal vegetable pickles are on the shelves at the shop and for this, we might feel passage of the seasons. Just serving colorful pickles on a small dish would make your dining table brighten up.

The staff was very nice, too.

Shop NameIseya Hon-ten
Address2-3-4, Nippombashi, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours8:30am – 5:00pm
Closedopen all the year round
Shop NameIseya Kita-ten
Address1-22-26, Nippombashi, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours8:30am – 5:30pm
Closedopen all the year round

■Nitta Futon-ten

Popular characters’ items and Japanese cute baby clothes are here!

In the shop, handkerchiefs and towels with Japanese figure-patterns or the character marks are printed draw our attentions. The handkerchiefs designed with Japanese figure-pattern are good for souvenirs.

The towel handkerchiefs are manufactured by “Imabari towel” which is a kind of towel that Japan boasts the world.

The strong point of the product is its water absorption in addition to softness. It will sink into the water within 5 seconds. (ordinary towel usually takes one minute until it goes down.)

The popular item is “Totoro” towel handkerchief. This kind of item is good gifts to friends who you do not frequently meet. Because unlike foods, we don’t need to care about the relishing period.

Besides, Totoro is very popular both in Japan and outside Japan regardless of age or gender. The collaboration of Imabari towel and Totoro is the perfect, isn’t it? Everyone would definitely love it!

Shop NameNitta Futon-ten
Address2-12-20, Nippombashi, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours9:00am – 4:00pm
ClosedThu. Sun.
PaymentCredit cards accepted

■ISHIMARU Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Come on Anime fans! It’s the place to shop for character merchandises.

You can get character merchandises here because KUROMON MARKET is in the Nippombashi area where is famous for an animation town.

You can buy some cheering goods of 2020’Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic game for supporting Japanese athletes.

It’s rare to see such many popular anime characters gathering on the same products.

It’s high time we suggest that you buy some character goods related to Olympic game. Of cause, other popular character goods like Minions are selling well, too.

It’s like a dream collaboration coming true for anime lovers. But not only the designs but the qualities of merchandises are also good.

Shop NameISHIMARU Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Address2-9-20, Nippombashi, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours9:00am – 6:00pm
ClosedSat. Sun. National Holidays
PaymentCredit cards accepted


Wide variety of products like traditional ornamental ones to arranged ones in contemporary style are there.

Various kind of Japanese traditional handcrafts are on the shelves. They deal with Japanese small products like “ukiyoe” designed tote bags, (They say Ukiyoe influenced Gogh a lot) small ornaments which are made of uneasily-wrinkled silk crepe, etc.

Those products are popular among foreigners. A lot of foreign tourists get them for gifts.

I personally like ORIGAMI-earrings (pierced type is also provided). These goes with Yukata, Kimono or simple clothes.

The design looks like being easy for use of anybody regardless of age.

Shop NameMiyamoto
Address1-22-19, Nippombashi, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours10:00am – 6:15pm
ClosedWed. Year end & New year holidays
PaymentCredit cards accepted


You can get high quality jewelries and furs at wholesale price.

This shop is the direct-managed store of long standing wholesale shop in Kyoto, so they can sell special products with lower price.

There is a lot of Akoya pearls in front of the shop, and you can touch them!

You might have a bountiful chance to get substantial amount of pearls. The quality is reliable, although it might be a bit easier to buy than usual shops because of its wholesale prices.

Necklace and bracelet are use everyday, not only for ceremonies like wedding. Why don’t you get some for yourself as a reward for your hard work?

Shop NameDaiki
Address1-22-21, Nippombashi, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours10:00am – 6:00pm
ClosedYear end & New year holidays, Golden-Week(early May)、Bon-festival
PaymentCredit cards accepted

KUROMON MAEKET is the place where not only foods but also all kinds of high quality items are gathering. Every time, I’m at a loss what I will choose to buy for my souvenirs. As an Osaka local, I’m interested in items recommended by tourists, of course, but I’m glad you would be interested in the items which I recommend you with the eye of Osaka locals.


Amazing as for your light snacks or nibbles for drinks!

It is the shop where many Japanese delicacies are gathering. According to professionals in various fields, the quality of products there are sure.

Just looking at the items on the shelves makes me excited. Some of the products do not look like foods, and I’m wondering whether it’s edible or not? If you have any questions or concerns, just ask the staff, she cheerfully answers to your questions.

What we recommend you is the dry-scallop. This product is made in Hokkaido.

The prices depend on quantity and quality. They said high-quality products are selling better than the cheaper ones.

Address1-21-9Nippombashi, Chuo ward, Osaka-City, Osaka
Business Hours9:00am – 4:30pm
ClosedWednesday,Sunday, holidays
PaymentCredit cards accepted

*The information herein is as of January 2020.